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Before Your Treatment please read the following preparation guidelines

All Treatments

Please arrive no more, or less than, 5 minutes before your appointment time, to ensure any waiting is kept to a minimum.

Please attend your appointment alone whenever possible.

Please come in the front door and wait for Emma to greet you at the desk.

Please be aware that the salon WC is only available when really necessary, due to enhanced cleaning procedures, so go before you arrive if you can.

Drinking water is available on request but no hot drinks at the moment.

Please refer to the specific treatment preparation advice below - the information is there to ensure you receive the best treatment possible, in a timely manner.

Manicure and Pedicure

Please remove any rings or jewellery.

If you have ordinary nail varnish on please remove it if at all possible.

Remember to bring sandals of flip flops for after your pedicure, unless you are having gel polish.


Please ensure you bring a clean mask for after facial waxing

Wear comfortable underwear that is not too close fitting for after intimate waxing


Please bring a clean mask for after your treatment

If possible please avoid wearing heavy makeup to your appointment


If you use wax for any hair removal please please ensure this is done at least 48, or ideally 72 hours, before your tan.

Please do not exfoliate on the day of your appointment but the day before.

Please do not attend your appointment wearing face or body moisturiser, unless you have very dry skin in which case you can apply light moisturisation to specific areas only.

Please remove all makeup and deodorant before your appointment.

If the weather, or your activities, mean you may have got sweaty prior to your appointment please leave time for a quick shower before you attend.

Make sure you bring dark loose clothing for after your appointment (no leggings, gym clothes, tight fitting shoes or skinny jeans)

Remember you will need to keep dry and avoid tight fitting clothes and shoes for at least an hour after your appointment. If you are looking for a rich, deep tan colour you may choose to leave the product on your skin overnight.

Lash Treatments

Please remove contact lenses before attending your appointment.

Please remove all eye makeup before your appointment, particularly mascara.

Please avoid waterproof mascara, and any oil based eye makeup remover or eye products for 24 hours before your treatment (this includes micellar water)

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