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types of perfume

You may not know that I have a long history of working with fragrance.

 I trained in perfume sales with Elizabeth Arden, makers of the first ever celebrity fragrance - White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor.

I then worked for a number of years as a perfume stylist for The Perfume Studio. In that role I guided individuals and groups in the process of creating their own bespoke fragrance.

In my time as a perfume stylist I was constantly asked what notes are in well known fragrances, and could I help people recreate their favourites.

This was very difficult to do, and really went against the unique and bespoke element of creating a fragrance from scratch.

Now however, all the elements of your favourite well known women’s & mens fragrances are here, at your finger tips.

Yodeyma, based in Madrid since 1998, specialises in creating incredibly affordable fragrances, with everything you recognise from your own favourites. 


Priced at just £12.50 for 50ml & £21.50 for 100ml these are perfect for everyday use, and also make amazing gifts.

Testers are available in the salon, and I will be on hand to help you select the perfect fragrance for you.

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